A Trashcan Can Make a Difference

In our culture, the trashcan is where we collect our refuse. For many however, the trashcan represents something other — a medium through which daily struggle and sustenance is found. in the spirit of the ancient practice of gleaning, in which the leftover crops at the edges of farmers’ fields were left for the poor and the stranger, we’ve woven this ancient understanding with the modern day trashcan into a symbol of hope and resource.

TCMD is an initiative that uses the everyday trashcan as the collection container of new goods to be shared and redistributed with those experiencing a shortage of basic human necessities.
The items collected are then specifically distributed to the under-resourced through partnerships you develop with local non-profit organizations, social service agencies, or directly distributed your local neighbors and/or families. TCMD is a growing network of empathetic/compassionate individuals, families, businesses, churches, common based groups, sports teams, and schools all collaborating so to embrace the value of sharing, generosity, and neighborly concern, so every human being has enough.

OVER 250 AGENCIES, NON PROFITS, SHELTERS have received the benefit of TCMD
Thousands of people have received everyday necessities through others “sharing and redistribution”, see map.

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