On the watery edge of Southern California sits the city of Ventura. It was there in the early 2000’s through a diverse tribe of people where the first inklings and initiatives of JustOne emerged.

A long-standing friendship between Greg Russinger and Charles Lee prompted the solidifying of JustOne as a non-profit organization in 2006. The implementation of JustOne ideas came through intentional listening, dialog, and collaboration. With a grassroots attitude, an open source mindset, and the beautiful weaving of imagination and faith this hopeful venture set sail.

What we knew then is what we live now; we exist to create a JustOne World. A world where one human being living in poverty and/or exploitation will know the care of another human being, someone like you, me, us.


Everyday Ideas for Human Care

JustOne designs simple ideas for people everywhere to invest in the poor, vulnerable, and exploited throughout the US.


Our collaborative ideas and initiatives like Laundry Love, A Trashcan Can Make A Difference, & On Bike with Love, provide people an opportunity to be a faithful presence in the life of Just-One.

Our dream is to create a JustOne World through a citizen movement. A movement that influences every human being to become local participants of human care, mercy, and hope.